COVID-19 Grants

The EMLI COVID-19 Frontline Fund was established to provide financial support quickly to parishes ready to offer immediate assistance to those in need due to the current crisis.

Requests are considered on a rolling basis and awarded as one-time, grants in order to aid parishes in being a responsive and stabilizing presence during this difficult period where vastly disproportionate health, economic and social impacts are being experienced by the most vulnerable among us.

Effective May 2021, the Frontline Fund has been expanded to include support for already established Scholarship Funds in the diocese. Please see below for additional information required for Scholarship Fund.

Instructions for Requesting Frontline Funds:

For requests to fund scholarship awards, the parish must also provide the following:

Please submit your request for funding to: Your request must include a basic overview of the effort including projected costs and expenses.

Please Note: Projects that aim to lay a foundation for a stronger future will also be considered for ongoing funding through EMLI Mission Grant funding, which will now also be considered on a rolling basis. Be sure to visit our Grant Guidelines page for more information about the EMLI grants process.