Common Ground

Father Roger Joslin, Holy Trinity Church, Greenport

Communities in North Fork come together to help their neighbors through a variety of food ministries.

Hit very hard and very early by the Covid-19 crisis, the North Fork community has been adjusting to their new “normal” for what feels like nearly a year. However, rather than letting these difficulties dampen their community engagement, they have strengthened their resolve to help one another.

Through Sunday Supper, people have joined together to prepare and deliver take-out meals for families in need; providing 300 meals every Sunday for several weeks. A local community garden, Common Ground, is once again growing vegetables to give away. Volunteers have claimed all 32 plots this year to help grow produce! Free Food Pantry Boxes are popping up as well! This social justice-oriented ministry focuses on an approach of sharing, rather than charity.

Despite their own difficulties, members of the North Fork community are coming together to help make life a little easier for those in need. Their faith drives them to action, and they are helping in any way they can.

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