Rectory Garden to Grow Community

Mother Ajung Sojwal, St. George's Church, Hempstead

Rather than derailing the congregation’s plans to develop a community garden this spring, the pandemic further exposed the brokenness this garden hopes to heal, and only strengthened their resolve.

Some might say that starting a community garden on the grounds of St. George’s rectory during the COVID-19 crisis was not ideal timing. But according to Mother Ajung Sojwal, now is exactly the right time. The congregation has been longing to create a spiritual space outside the church building for the community to come together.

The garden will provide fresh produce to augment the existing food pantry at St. George’s which serves hundreds of food insecure families each week. And the broader aspiration of this ministry is to foster greater community engagement and support the social justice work already happening in the village of Hempstead.

Mother Sojwal sees this garden as a space to share more than just vegetables.