Finding Family at Camp DeWolfe

Finding Family at Camp DeWolfe

When I met Mike, he had just been placed through foster care with a family in Suffolk County. Before coming to live with them, he had spent much of his childhood moving around and had experienced some tough times.

One of the first things the family did was to reach out to us at Camp DeWolfe because they thought a summer camp experience would be good for Mike. They were a little anxious to see how he would do, but Mike flourished at camp. He had found a new environment to be himself, free from his past and to make new friends.

Over the last year Mike attended every camp program offered. He wanted to keep coming back to his camp community of new friends. The family was elated, Mike was excited and Camp DeWolfe began a relationship of support for this “new” family.

Then last Spring Mike was unsure if he would return for the summer program. Because of some family medical issues, money was very tight. But his family had seen how he had grown at camp and the impact it had on him, and they were committed to making it happen. Through a combination of scholarship funds, Mike came back to camp this past summer.

For campers like Mike, life has not been easy, but Camp has been able to send the message that there are people in this world who care and are committed to him. This message is not lost on Mike. He is already registered for the Fall Camp Reunion and Winter Camp, with full intentions of joining the LIT, (Leader in Training) program for Summer 2017.

Scholarships can make a world of difference for so many young people. Thank you for investing in Mike and generously supporting the ministry of Camp DeWolfe!

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