Investing in ministry is not just a simple act; it's a catalyst for positive change in your community.

Our ministry partners are pillars in their communities - leveraging deep community connections, fostering strategic partnerships, and mobilizing the unwavering commitment of volunteers to create programs that not only touch lives, but change them.

Episcopal Ministries of Long Island (EMLI) takes pride in our role as a driving force behind these remarkable initiatives – and you’re invited to make that driving force even more powerful.

When you choose to sponsor EMLI, your generosity becomes the lifeblood of these transformative ministries. With your sponsorship, we can amplify our efforts, reach deeper into the heart of our communities, and unlock even more potential for meaningful change.

We hope you’ll join us.

Please direct any questions to Executive Director, Mary Beth Welsh, at

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Sponsorship Levels


Your investment can fund a parish-based Summer Day Camp, providing affordable childcare for working parents. EMLI-supported summer camps include museum visits, robotics activities, creative art education, and meals.


You can finance a new community garden providing free or affordable produce to both neighbors and local food pantries, ensuring that all community members have access to fresh, locally grown produce.


Your generosity can fund monthly community meal for a year, inviting food insecure neighbors into the parish while fostering a safe, welcoming, and fulfilling environment for parishioners.


Your support can stock a food pantry or community refrigerators for up to one month. You'll keep pantries stocked when donations are light.


Gold Sponsor

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Nixon Peabody

At Nixon Peabody, we deliver sophisticated legal services to our clients and our communities by combining high performance, entrepreneurial spirit, deep engagement, and an unwavering commitment to a culture of collaboration, diversity, and humanity. Specifically, our Healthcare group is viewed as a top legal competitor across the industry, serving as a trusted advisor as we guide clients strategies for healthcare delivery, corporate organization, government programs, emerging payment programs, managed care models, and more.


Bronze Sponsors

A.P. Hardscapes & All Saints Contracting

American Continental

Baker Tilly US, LLP

Commercial Realty Nation

Denham Wolf

FPM Group, Ltd

GTS Construction

Nesenoff & Miltenberg LLP

RIPCO Real Estate

Scott & Jo-Ellen Treiber

Treiber Farms (Peter & Irene Treiber)


Thank you for your generous support of Episcopal Ministries

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