What We Do


Finance new and existing ministries that align with our mission and are affiliated with the Episcopal Church in our diocese.


Conduct workshops, equip volunteers, and train ministry leaders to provide the necessary skills and connections to effectively serve our community


Connect ministries with experienced community organizations, relevant experts, local media, and other similar indicatives to facilitate best practice sharing and scale impact

Ministry Focus Areas

Upholding Human Dignity

Ministries meeting the basic human rights to food, water, clothing, and housing for all our neighbors across the diocese  

Caring for Creation

Ministries sustainably nurturing the natural world and educating the public on the urgency of the climate crisis, which threatens the most vulnerable among us 

Building Beloved Community

Ministries that work to tear down the systems of oppression and provide opportunities for people to grow as reconcilers, justice-makers, and healers in the name of Christ 

Fostering Solidarity and Belonging

Ministries ensuring that all members of our community can live abundant, fruitful lives by creating space for connection, learning, and support