St. Barnabas' Micah Community Breakfast

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church's Micah Community Breakfast Ministry is a heartwarming outreach project that began in 2018 through the collaboration of The Brotherhood of St. Andrew and dedicated church members. Located in East New York, Brooklyn, an area facing challenges of unemployment, homelessness, poverty, and gentrification, the ministry aims to address the needs of their neighbors by providing a monthly community breakfast on Saturdays. 

Before the pandemic, the Micah Breakfast Ministry served over 110 individuals every Saturday, offering a warm and friendly atmosphere where guests enjoyed a hot, nutritious meal. Beyond nourishment, the breakfast became a space for fellowship, allowing guests to engage in meaningful conversations with volunteers and even the Rector, Rev. Cn. Sylvester Taylor, who occasionally joins. For those interested, spiritual support and the word of God are offered by the volunteers. 

Currently, the Micah Community Breakfast Ministry serves 75 people breakfast from 8-10am every Saturday.

The ministry's primary goal is to make a positive impact on the community, reaching out to those in need and showing care and compassion for their well-being. The Micah Breakfast serves as a platform to introduce St. Barnabas Church and its mission to the community, fostering a sense of hope and support.

Through this effort, the lives of those being served are improved in several ways. Not only does the nutritious meal provide vital sustenance, but it also encourages social interaction, offering a chance for guests to connect with others and address emotional needs. The breakfast ministry becomes a beacon of care and availability to listen and talk, instilling a sense of belonging and care in the community members it serves.

The success of the Micah Breakfast Ministry relies on the commitment of volunteers who purchase food and supplies, prepare the meals with culinary expertise and adherence to health guidelines, serve guests with warmth and hospitality, and diligently clean up after the breakfast is over. Their dedication ensures that the ministry continues to provide an invaluable service to those in need.