St. Gabriel’s Angels Summer Camp

St. Gabriel's Episcopal Church, a long-standing positive influence in the community, has been actively involved in various outreach activities. One of their key ministries is Saint Gabriel's Angels Summer Camp, which has been running for over a decade, benefiting parents, children, parishioners, and the wider community. The camp provides a safe, low-cost, and spiritually enriching environment for children during the summer, offering fun activities, trips, crafts, and educational support.

St. Gabriel's recognized the challenges faced by families in their predominantly Black and Hispanic community. Many of their neighbors are considered low-income. Many children in the community are left home unsupervised during the summer months because their parents have to work and childcare is not affordable. Witnessing the struggles of local children and the impact of poverty, crime, and drug use, the church saw the need to invest in the youth of the community. Thus, the summer camp was born to provide a safe haven and a place for children to learn about God's teachings while enjoying enriching activities.

The primary objectives of the summer camp are to combat the "latchkey kid syndrome," teach campers to follow the model of Christ's love, and create a safe environment for the children. The camp aims to lay a strong spiritual foundation for the participants, ensuring they grow up with the right values and character traits. The camp also intends to serve as an evangelism tool, helping the children embrace their unique purpose and beauty while providing academic support and various activities like karate, dancing, and trips.

Through daily morning devotions, Bible Study sessions, and engaging activities, campers learn to exhibit love and compassion and respect for others. They develop a deep connection with their faith, allowing the church to grow in strength and fulfillment of its mandate. The campers also benefit academically through the educational hour, reinforcing their learning and preparing them for the upcoming school year. Additionally, the camp's emphasis on biblical principles enhances their social and emotional communication skills, creating well-balanced children.

The main goals of the camp are to develop a program where community residents can send their kids to a reduced-cost summer camp and to teach the children the ways of the Lord.

Campers participate in fun trips, sports, karate, dancing, and horseback riding. These activities help improve social skills, foster Christ-like behaviors, and promote self-awareness among the campers.