St. Thomas Closet for Infants and Small Children

St. Thomas Closet
Contact Information
The Rev. Sully Guillaume-Sam
Affiliated Parish
St. Thomas, Brooklyn

St. Thomas, located in Brooklyn's east Bushwick and Ocean Hill neighborhoods, serves struggling families amid gentrification. Nearby public housing and homeless shelters, including one for 210 families, highlight the community's challenges.

The project's focus is aiding local families in accessing basic needs. The St. Thomas Closet for Infants and Small Children, launched in spring 2022, distributes diapers, wipes, children’s clothes, etc. With no dedicated supply source for infants and young children, the initiative recognizes the importance of supporting mothers and child development.

The primary goal is addressing immediate family needs and providing support services pre-crisis. Operating on the 1st and 3rd Thursday monthly and serving around 100 families, the aim is to expand to a weekly schedule. Efforts concentrate on increasing supplies, especially diapers and wipes, for broader outreach and serving more families. Long-term plans include developing strong community relationships and becoming a center for essential supplies and services.

The St. Thomas Closet eases financial burdens on young families, enhancing child care and reducing related disorders. It also lessens stress on mothers, enabling them to focus more on their children. Many served families are refugees or face significant poverty, often unaware or hesitant due to immigration status. The closet builds meaningful relationships, connecting families to vital services, alleviating their stress.