Message from Bishop Provenzano on the 2023 Episcopal Ministries Annual Appeal

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Dear Sisters and Brothers,  

In a few short weeks at the conclusion of the Eastertide season, we will celebrate Pentecost – when followers of Jesus were filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues to proclaim the Good News. The second chapter of Acts of the Apostles, where we read this miraculous story, goes to great lengths to emphasize the diversity of the crowd that bore witness to the Good News that day. In their diversity that was made unity, they prayed together, broke bread together, and sold their possessions to give to those in need. 

As your Bishop, it inspires me daily that you continue to live into this Christian tradition through Episcopal Ministries of Long Island (EMLI). Though we may not be speaking in tongues, our common language is our service to those who need us. 

Right now, during the Episcopal Ministries Annual Appeal, you have an opportunity to invest in ministries that are bringing the love of Christ to our communities every single day. Please join me in supporting this critical work by making a gift to EMLI today. 

Last year, one thousand people in our diocese volunteered for nearly 20 thousand hours. They served over 115 thousand meals and offered over one thousand hours of education to children, teenagers, and seniors. This was all made possible because of your investment in EMLI. Thank you. 

Your support gave two of our Brooklyn parishes and their team of 60 volunteers the confidence to sponsor another refugee family, after they successfully welcomed an Afghani family these past 2 years. Your support made the Garden at St. Francis in North Bellmore a hub of eco-spirituality where neighbors are rediscovering God as they grow fresh produce for a local pantry. Your support allowed St. Peter’s by-the-Sea to launch its third parish ministry - a food pantry that distributes the 700 pounds of produce grown in their garden to neighbors in need.  

When you give to EMLI, you are contributing to a thriving network of volunteers who are transforming our church into the Body of Christ.

People - just like you and me - investing in EMLI is what makes ministry possible. I urge you to make a commitment to the ministries in our diocese today by making a gift to Episcopal Ministries of Long Island before May 21st.  Thank you.  

With my deepest gratitude,  

The Right Reverend Lawrence C. Provenzano 

Bishop of Long Island 

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Hear from Bishop Provenzano

Bishop Provenzano invites you to join him in making transformative ministries possible in our diocese by making a gift to EMLI before May 21st.