Silver Bells

"The Silver Bells" is a heartwarming program providing seniors with companionship and engaging activities. The program offers a diverse range of activities tailored to the interests of its members. Ann Seligson, program director and former schoolteacher, ensures that no two meetings are the same. Activities have included chair yoga, seasonal trivia games, themed lunches, and live music. The program provides a dynamic and engaging experience for seniors. It also incorporates educational elements, with presentations on essential financial topics relevant to seniors. The group's camaraderie is evident, with members eagerly participating in both the informative and entertaining aspects of the program.

The program's success can be attributed not only to its engaging activities but also to the sense of community it fosters. Ann Seligson and the Rev. Christopher Ballard, Rector at Trinity-St. John’s in Hewlett, where the program takes place, have brought laughter, dance, and stories to the group, making the Silver Bells feel like an extended family. As the program continues to grow and flourish, it serves as a source of happiness and connection in the lives of seniors, offering them a weekly event to look forward to.

They were covered by the Long Island Herald in 2021.

Silver Bells game

The Silver Bells Ring in Fun and Fellowship in Hewlett