St. Ann's Pop-Up-Pantry

Pop-up Pantry

Located in the heart of Brooklyn – at the “intersection of faith and culture,” the St. Ann's Pop-up Pantry addresses the immediate needs of food insecure neighbors by providing essential food items, while embracing the diverse backgrounds and cultures of their community. The pantry operates in the narthex of the church and outside the church doors, making a true visual representation of bringing the love of Christ “from pew to public square.”

Volunteers at the pantry range from local high school students to recent retirees, and the pantry relies on strong, generous relationships with local grocery stores, bakeries, and parishioners to keep their pantry stocked with nourishing produce, fresh bread, and shelf-stable groceries. The partnership the pantry has formed with nearby grocery store, Perelandra Natural Foods, supplies the pantry with a palette of fresh produce every week. This partnership model combats food insecurity, reduces food waste, and ensure that fresh, organic produce is accessible for all community members.