Food Ministries in Bushwick and Yaphank Honored at Episcopal Ministries of Long Island's 2022 "Celebration of Ministry"

CoM Ministry Flyers

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our recent Celebration of Ministry honoring Neighbors Being Human at St. Andrew's in Yaphank and the St. Nick Fridge at Iglesia de la Santa Cruz + Bushwick Abbey.  

Both ministries emerged out of smaller congregations. Their origin stories inspired us because they recognized needs in their communities and they refused to let the enormity and the complexity of those needs prevent them from taking action. 

In one of the videos featured during the event, Vince Anderson, one of the coordinators of the St. Nick Fridge, says: 

“One of the benefits of a small congregation is that we’re always outward facing. We’re always looking for members of the community and different groups to help us because we know we can’t do it alone.” 

That is exactly how our partners in ministry across the diocese confront seemingly impossible challenges with creative solutions that work. When our work is shared, we never have to do it alone. We are capable of so much more together. 

Thank you for breathing life into the mission of Episcopal Ministries of Long Island. Our work is not possible without you.