Asset-based Community Development Workshops

Coming to a Neighborhood Near You: Asset-based Community Development Workshops

On December 10, 2016, under the new leadership of Rev. Winfred Vergara, Holy Trinity church in Hicksville organized an introductory workshop on Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) and a group of clergy and lay leaders spent the day learning and delving deeper into the art and skills of community building.

EMLI is now offering on-site and individually customized Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) classes upon request for the diocesan community. Please consider hosting an information session if you would like to explore:

  • Given your gifts, how might God be inviting you to join and nurture what is emerging in the wider community?
  • How to address social and economic challenges without thinking in terms of problems and deficiencies
  • How to mobilize citizens based on their personal motivations to act in order to build a stronger community
  • How could your passions and gifts nurture healing in your wider community?

Sessions can be customized and tailored for specific days or even length of time. For more information or to organize a session at your location, please contact Franca Floro at (516) 248-4800 Ext. 149 or