Youth and Family Support Summit

Youth and Family Support Summit

Nearly 60 diocesan clergy and lay leaders gathered on Saturday, March 11 for a day to learn more about issues currently facing families and children and how they can help.

The “Youth & Family Support Summit”, co-organized by Episcopal Ministries of Long Island (EMLI) and the Office of Youth & Young Adult Ministries, included presenters from local non-profits and leaders in the youth development field.

EMLI Program Director, Franca Floro said “in our always-connected culture, families and young people are experiencing stress and anxiety at unprecedented levels. Families are under pressure, quality of life is dwindling and drug addiction is on the rise. This summit allows us to consider how the church community can be part of the solution.” Presenters made compelling points about the urgent need to help individuals develop healthy coping skills and to help strengthen relationships and sense of community through the arts, and creative expression.

This summit is part of a series of programs put together by EMLI that have brought together people to focus on particular types of ministries. Past summits have been based around senior ministries and food programs. Floro said, “Between established organizations with whom we regularly work and the dedicated clergy and lay leaders in this diocese who are engaged around these matters, we see great value in coming together to discuss strategies for building successful ministries. We hope to continue convening these summits in the future.”

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