Camp DeWolfe: A Caring Community Where Young People Thrive

Camp DeWolfe: A Caring Community Where Young People Thrive

Amid the natural beauty along the Long Island Sound, campers have the opportunity to experience God in community and develop as leaders with guidance from the caring and faithful staff of Camp DeWolfe.

In this supportive community, young people have a feeling of security that enables them to explore new interests, to challenge themselves and to learn more about their own capabilities - and ultimately about themselves.

If you asked the campers why they return to Camp DeWolfe year after year, the first answer you’ll likely hear is an enthusiastic, “because it’s fun!” But if you listen carefully as they tell you about their friends, the “awesome” counselors and their activities, you’ll notice something else was happening amid the fun. There is a spirit to the camp that fosters personal growth, a deepening of faith and sense of connection to this camp community that remains long after they have gone home.

One counselor recognized this as he reflected back on his days as a camper:

“Camp has positively changed my life because I used to be afraid of letting adults help me with problems and thought I could take care of them myself. The changes that it led to is that I’m now more aware of how people help each other in communities and if you’re struggling they will help. What makes me come back to camp is to learn new things about myself and others.”

Through your contributions, Episcopal Ministries continues its longtime support of Camp DeWolfe to ensure that young people have the opportunity to be part of a faithful community that allows them to grow and deepen their relationship with God and with each other.

For more information about Camp DeWolfe visit or call (631) 929-4325.

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